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‘Ume-Komachi’ Representative Director and President

Ms. Yukina KATO

In recent years, interest for 'kimono' has been increasing thanks to an increased awareness of Japanese culture driven by globalization. An increasing number of foreign tourists and have imerged to represent at the Tokyo Olympics.

In spite of a person's efforts to learn about the kimono, it is difficult for those who have never touched a kimono to decide on which one to wear. Firstly because the Internet is a flood of information, but also because there are no longer many people who can advise about it.


'Ume-Komachi' does various businesses regarding Japanese clothing. With the advantage of our representative being a female university student, any suggestion for young human resources mainly university students is welcomed.

We will support your business with our outstanding inspirations by the talented university students workers, who serve clear hours and cost-merits. Simultaneously we also hope to make opportunities for our young workers to touch Japanese clothing.

Kimono Information Site 'Kimono-Sumire'

'Kimono-Smile' is a web magazine for those who live life as the way they are with kimono.

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Kimono Business Consulting

We help kimono business customers of promotions and other things related.

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Kimono Rental

We loan kimono that has good quality at a reasonable price.

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Editing Homepages that Feature on Japanese Style

'Ume-Komachi' produces homepages regarding Japanese style.

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Dispatch of Models

We dispatch models, mainly Japanese-style models to kimono picture shootings, such as modeling for Japanese-style hotels.

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Picture and Film Shooting, Editing Contents

Ume-Komachi does editing of videos, photo shooting and writing, that are regarding kimono dressing and Japanese culture.

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Our Business Supporters.

Tea Factory ‘Yu-fu-tei’ Owner

Ms. Izumi AOKI

Ms.Aoki is the owner of ‘rikisya & tea factory’ in Kamakura. Kimono loan and kimono dressing are also available.

Amami-Oshima 'hurisode' Maker 'Yume-ori no sato' Traditional Craftman


Ms. Minami is a traditional craftman of 'oshima-tsumugi'. She has been to various places of Japan to tell the tradition of 'oshima-tsumugi', which makes her a representative of Amami-Oshima.

‘Nishi-jin zasa-ori’ Representative; ‘Kahahirako’ Brand Owner

Ms. Mitsuko SATAKE

Ms.Satake is a popular female kimono designer among kimono magazines. She is also the owner of ‘Kahahirako’ brand.

‘OFF on’ Representative

Mr.Shuhei OGAWA

Mr.Ogawa is the kimono designer in the news. His brand ‘OFF on’ was shown at Kansai collection 2014 as the first kimono brand.

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